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Topic: An Efficient, Scalable Event Manager for EMF Notifications

Presenter: Dr. Axel Uhl has been with SAP AG since June 2004, crafting the architecture of SAP's Modeling Infrastructure (MOIN) and is currently Chief Development Architect in SAP's Office of the CTO. In this role he works on the architecture of SAP's tools, repositories and programming models.

Before Axel joined SAP, he worked at Interactive Objects Software GmbH, as architect of their ArcStyler Model-Driven Architecture product, a product that puts emphasis on the design, implementation, maintenance and re-use of model transformations. Axel has authored several publications on model-driven software development and has co-authored "MDA Distilled".

Company: SAP AG

Type: Short presentation

Description: EMF offers various ways for dealing with change notifications. Among them are adapters such as EContentAdapter that assist in subscribing to notifications on entire composition trees, such as a ResourceSet. The current paradigm of adding adapters to objects and containment hierarchies is, however, not without flaws. When many subscribers register for many different types of events, either many adapters need to be registered and notified, or a single adapter registered on the ResourceSet's containment hierarchy needs to funnel and dispatch the notifications. We've implemented an event manager plug-in that allows subscribers to provide an event filter and an adapter. Event filters can be complex boolean expression trees over basic filters such as for specific attributes, references or type of notifier/new/old value. The adapter won't be registered on each element in the ResourceSet. Instead, notifications are funneled through one EContentAdapter and then dispatched efficiently by the event manager. This session will describe the capabilities and scalability properties of the event manager component which is already freely available as a plug-in from (get an account at

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