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Europa Minutes 2007.05.16

Release Sequencing

There's a sequencing problem in that RC0+2 and RC1+0 are the same day. Kim agreed not to update the features-ep.xml until after staging is rolled to release.

Packaging Project

Kim tells us that the packaging project has downloads ready for testing [1].

Testing Europa

Projects should be testing Europa, at the very least their project when other projects are loaded. Bug 187022 documents a case where a differing number of plug-ins activate and a number do not load properly - everyone should check that their plug-ins and features are loading and activating correctly even when all the Europa projects are loaded together.

Update Manager

Mik reports that the update manager bug 132450 "update existing features" still doesn't work. Kim (and Dejan on the bug) explained that there are no active update committers and that the team has asked for community contributions [2] and community committers (subject to qualification). Mik has offered one contribution (remove the broken feature [3]) which was not accepted. The discussion continued around the deadlock of (i) it's a bad bug, (ii) no committers, (iii) existing patch not acceptable to project lead. Eventually Nick said that he would test the symptoms on EMF (to see if it's a Mylar-only problem) and David said "it's not a stop ship, how about we update the UI to explain the work around" and Mik agreed to provide a patch on the bug to update the UI. In next week's call we'll hear the results of the tests and discuss what to do with Mik's patch.

ACTION: Nick will test this bug with EMF.

ACTION: Mik will supply a patch to update the user interface.

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