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Europa Minutes 2007.05.02

Review your RelEng Status

Bjorn reminded everyone to review the release engineering status of your project. Bjorn reviewed some of this in an email sent around a couple weeks ago and will continue to do so as time allows, but everyone should be doing the same for their projects as part of the RC/ramp-down process.

IP Reviews

Janet reminds us all that we need to be sure that all the CQs are in and that we are responding to her queries ASAP. Time is critical for these so delays are bad.

Remaining Conference Calls

The remaining conference calls are scheduled for the same bat-times: every Wednesday at 10am Eastern.

Release Review

The Release Review is coming up on June 6th. Each project needs to have a complete Release Review slide deck prepared by May 30th (one week in advance) along with a single talking points slide at the front. During the release review itself, each project will be given one short minute (with 20+ projects, that alone makes a 20 minute call) for the talking point slide. The remaining slides will be for archival documentation and as backups for any audience questions.

The talking point slide should cover:

  • any significant new features since the last release (obviously all the projects are going to have lots of new features: a year's worth of new features, but we only have time for the top most significant ones)
  • statement about the quality of the APIs
  • any significant end-of-life issues in this release
  • statement about the IP clearance and licenses in the code
  • statement about the diversity of the committer population

ACTION: Bjorn will send an email to the planning-council mailing list pointing to an example release review slide deck.

Question About Dates

There was a question about the +1 and +2 dates being closer than before. Explanation: we're (a) driven by the Platform RC dates and (b) we're ramping down towards a zero delta (release!) and thus the +1 and +2 dates will get closer and closer together as we approach that final release.

Jar Processor

Kim explains that the jar processor is now available on the Eclipse Project main download page as a separate download (e.g., [1]) to make it easier to install in your build (note: if you are using the built-in builder, it's already there). Kim recommends that you use the latest jar processor as they have fixed a number of bugs.

ACTION: Bjorn will update the Europa-matic with the latest jar processor.

Update Manager Bugs

Mik reports on progress on the update manager bug: search for updates appears to work if feature.xml specifies only features and not plug-ins (although PDE automatically adds plug-ins); leave off compute for dependencies automatically; probably a good idea to make that a MUST DO.

ACTION: Mik will send email to the list about this bug and how to avoid the remants of the bug.

Packaging Project Progress

The team asked if the packaging project [2] will have zips ready for the Europa release and whether they had any zips ready for us to test yet.

ACTION: Bjorn will report on the progress of the packaging project.

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