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Europa Minutes 2007.04.11

RC Release Dates

We decided to move the RC0 release date into the following week (not Saturday) to allow everyone a chance to check the staging bits before rolling to release.

ACTION: Bjorn will call Kevin (who was not on the call today) to discuss the Platform RC dates. He will use that to define Europa RC dates and then send those proposed dates out for consideration.

Reconsider Some Must Dos

We decided to change "must dos" 3, 5, 6 to "recommended" because some projects are not doing them and thus it seems silly to insist they are are "must".

There was a suggestion that the Europa-o-matic pack and sign all the jars. We decided not to do this because while it seems attractive for the Europa jars, it doesn't solve the problem for the projects' own update sites and it doesn't allow the projects to be sure that the exact Europa bits have been run through the project's tests.

Mik will talk to Nick about how hard signing jars is to incorporate for a project.

  • Sorry to miss the call today; had a conflict w/ another meeting. Regarding jar signing, let's just say if it was easy I'd have done it already. ;-) Seriously tho', I'd like to speak to the folks from Corona to see how they solved it. I've looked briefly at the Platform's solution and it looks rather complex; I had a look thru Corona's releng code (assuming all their stuff is in CVS) and it looks pretty straightforward; however, I have to make it work for 13+ builds so my needs are different from most other smaller projects. When I have anything useful to report, I'll do so. --nickb 17:53, 11 April 2007 (EDT)

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