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Europa Minutes 2007.02.14


I've given up trying to take attendance for these large calls.

M4 Finally Lives; M5 +1 Plan

All project leads/rel engineers will update their features files and Bjorn will run the Europa-o-matic Friday evening PST.


Jess reported back about the conversation between BEA and IBM - both companies are willing to provide effort, but neither is willing to lead the translation project. Thus, as of today, we're not going to have translations for Europa.


Make absolutely sure that all your CQs for Europa and your prioritized spreadsheet are in to Janet.

ProviderName In Features

Martin brought up the issue of a common providerName [1]. Mik and Nick, who know more about this than some of the rest of us, promised to experiment and report back. The original goal was to have each project use a separate providerName, but last year that caused an odd collection of new and old Eclipse icons in the about box.

SDK versus Runtime Naming

Bug 173276 [2] is the open discussion issue around SDK versus run-time naming. Let's try to come to a conclusion on the naming during our EclipseCon face-to-face.


Bug 173742 [3] is the missing startup.jar discussion issue. Again, let's try to have an active discussion now so that we can come to a resolution on this fairly quickly.

EclipseCon Face-to-Face

The EclipseCon Planning Council/Europa face-to-face was originally scheduled for Sunday morning, but the team requests that it be Sunday evening. Bjorn will make that happen and send out an email with the location.

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