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Ericsson Modeling Days (EMD) 2016

Ericsson Modeling Days (EMD) 2016

Feedback Form

If you attended the Ericsson Modeling Days 2016, it would be much appreciated if you could take the time to complete the feedback form



  • Dates: September 13-14, 2016
  • Location: Ericsson location in Stockholm/Kista (Sweden)
  • Program -- see complete EMD'2016 program
    • 2 keynote presentations
    • 26 regular presentations (30 min each) – from 16 different organizations
    • 4 tutorials/workshops (90 min each)
  • List of presentations -- will be loaded soon!


Keynote Presentations

  • Diarmuid Corcoran (Ericsson). Reflections, Lessons Learned and Possible Future Directions of Model Driven Development within Ericsson (slides)
  • Jordi Cabot (SOM Research Lab, ICREA - UOC). Wanna see your OSS project succeed? Nurture the community (slides)

List of Presentations

  • Alexandre Petrenko (CRIM). Modelling and Generation of Test Cases Based on Sequence Diagrams (slides)
  • Andreas Jakobik, Yuwen Hu (Ericsson). Generating Managed Object Model Diagrams Automatically (slides)
  • Andreas Jakobik, Yuwen Hu (Ericsson). Liberating the IDE – Web Based Domain Specific Language Editors (slides)
  • Andreas Jakobik, Yuwen Hu (Ericsson). Building confidence in code generators with model testing (slides)
  • Antonio Campesino Robles (Ericsson). A Success journey with GenDoc (slides)
  • Charles Rivet (Zeligsoft). Papyrus-RT out of its shell : v1.0! (slides)
  • Charles Rivet (Zeligsoft), Cortland Starrett (One Fact). Embedded Modeling at Eclipse - a Tale of Two Dialects (slides)
  • Cortland Starrett (OneFact), Maximillian Koegel (EclipseSource). Persisting Model Data: Meta-Model Instances or Concrete Syntax? (slides)
  • Ernesto Posse (Zeligsoft). Mixed textual/graphical modelling in PapyrusRT (slides)
  • Federico Ciccozzi (Mälardalen University), Ivano Malavolta (VU, Netherlands), Bran Selic (Malina Soft.). Execution of UML: present and future (slides)
  • Gábor Ferenc Kovács, Gergely Dévai (Ericsson). Modeling pilot project in Ericsson Expert Analytics (slides)
  • Gusztáv Adamis, György Réthy (Ericsson). TDL – bridging the gap between the specifications and test execution (slides)
  • Jad El-khoury, Martin Törngren (KTH). Model-based Engineering and Tool Interoperability - 2 Sides of the Same Coin? (slides)
  • Jan Widegren (Swedish Tax Agency). Introducing a new modeling tool into a large government administration (slides)
  • Juha-Pekka Tolvanen (MetaCase). Creating and using integrated domain-specific languages for different contexts (slides)
  • Klaas Gadeyne, Johan Van Noten (Flanders Make). Model-based Systems Engineering – a winding road (slides)
  • Nicolas Hili, Juergen Dingel (Queen's University). Keep it Simple: Pruning Papyrus(-RT) for Real-Time Systems (slides)
  • Philip Langer (EclipseSource). Papyrus for Information Modeling (slides)
  • Philip Langer, Maximilian Koegel (EclipseSource). Customizable collaborative modeling for domain­specific modeling languages (DSMLs) (slides)
  • Sahar GUERMAZI, Sébastien REVOL, Arnaud CUCCURU, Saadia DHOUIB, Jérémie TATIBOUET, Sébastien GERARD (CEA). Papyrus Tool Support for FMI (slides)
  • Scott Mansfield (Ericsson). Papyrus in Standards Setting Organizations (slides)
  • Thomas Gericke (Adocus). UML based ArchiMate in Papyrus (slides)
  • Tuhin Kanti Das (Queen's University). Implementation of an Eclipse-based Model Validation Plug-in for Papyrus-RT (slides)
  • Ulf Olsson, Lennart Holm (Ericsson). Experiences from the last year of working with NWADSL (slides)
  • David Salt (HM Government). Two Decades of Mission-Critical Executable Modeling (slides)
  • Vincent Aravantinos (fortiss). Experimental comparison between AutoFOCUS3 and Papyrus-RT (slides)

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