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Equinox p2 UI Eclipse 3.5 Plan

3.5 Milestone Plans

RC1 - May 15, 2009

  • Accessibility issues
  • Bug fixing

M7 - May 1, 2009 - Development Freeze

  • Ok green.gif High value polish issues
    • Ok green.gif Repo selection polish
      • Ok green.gif Autocomplete in repo combo
      • Ok green.gif Provide discovery for disabled sites
      • Ok green.gif Better client side validation
      • Ok green.gifMisc bugs involving missing schemes, leading/trailing slash issues
    • Ok green.gif Better explanation when UI filters out content
    • Ok green.gif Repo error reporting improvements, allow user to correct bad locations
    • Ok green.gif Layout work - remembering user sizes and column widths, etc.
  • UI support for late-breaking core features
    • Ok green.gif consider additional enhancements in resolve error/explanation space Bug 261928
      • Ok green.gif refactor wizard page flow to report errors on page that allows selection modification
    • Ok green.gif consider UI implications of install handlers Bug 266061
    • Ok green.gif consider UI implications of patches appearing as updates Bug 245299
  • Progress.gif Accessibility issues - deferred to RC1
  • Progress.gif Bug fixing
  • Ok green.gif Product configuration examples
    • Ok green.gif RCP product with p2 SDK UI
    • Ok green.gif RCP product with p2 SDK UI, but no auto updates
    • Ok green.gif RCP product updating from "cloud" (user cannot change/modify the repos accessed)
    • Ok green.gif Alternate IU visibility (plug-ins instead of features)
    • Ok green.gif Silent/automatic updating, user never sees the update UI, it just happens (but may need confirmation, restart dialog, etc.)
    • Ok green.gif App that reuses unmodified p2.user.ui feature can still contribute a policy

Past 3.4.x Maintenance Streams


  • Ok green.gif Improved progress reporting and honoring cancellation requests
  • Ok green.gif Improved presentation of errors (resizability, formatting)
  • Ok green.gif Fix confusing restart language
  • Ok green.gif Annoying /low risk bugs
    • Ok green.gif Refresh artifact repos when metadata repos are refreshed


  • Ok green.gif Enable a site when a user adds a disabled one (workaround until core fixes in 3.5)
  • Ok green.gif NLS formatting fixes (awaiting NL team verification)

Past 3.5 Milestones

M1 - Aug 8, 2008

  • UI/Usability
    • Usability review of general strategy (modality, overall organization, etc.)
      • Ok green.gif Walkthrough with Eclipse UIWG
      • Ok green.gif Solicit usability and user persona input from product teams
      • Ok green.gif Write concrete user personas to guide use cases
    • Bugs
      • Ok green.gif Bring 3.4.1 fixes into 3.5 stream

M2 - Sep 19, 2008

  • UI/Usability
    • Ok green.gif Develop use cases based on user persona input
    • Ok green.gif Investigate integration of installed view with about dialog
    • Ok green.gif Develop mockups for new workflows and solicit feedback
  • Performance/Stability
    • Progress.gif revisit checkbox/filter/deferred fetch strategy Bug 233269 (continuing in M3)
    • Progress.gif investigate resolution in the background Bug 236495 (continuing in the scope of new workflows in M3)

M3 - Oct 31, 2008

  • UI/Usability
    • Ok green.gif Complete new workflows (installed view may not yet be integrated with about dialog)
    • Ok green.gif Begin improved implementation of installed view Bug 224472
      • Ok green.gif Allow drill-down in installed view of requirements that are visible as groups
      • Ok green.gif Identify any necessary metadata changes to make this simpler/better (see Bug 227675)
  • Performance/Stability
    • Progress.gif finalize checkbox/filter/deferred fetch strategy Bug 233269
      • Better/faster filtering without graying out filter box (postponed to M4)
      • Ok green.gif Eliminate "duplicate nodes" problem on first repo read
    • Ok green.gif resolution in the background to be provided as part of new workflows Bug 236495
    • Ok green.gif Investigate repo adding/loading performance issues and identify necessary changes to core Bug 236485

M4 - Dec 12, 2008

  • UI/Usability
    • Finish up installed view changes
      • Progress.gif Complete integration of installed view with about dialog
      • Ok green.gif Install drill-down info also shown in install/update wizards Bug 250862
      • Glass.gif Investigate the ability to provide optional/related content Bug 247342. (Decision is not to do anything at this time)
    • Glass.gif Investigate better affordances in available view to show already installed, available updates, etc. Bug 216032
      • Ok green.gif Complete initial model/collector work needed to distinguish status and improve "already installed" filtering Bug 210583 and Bug 232632
  • Performance/Stability
    • Ok green.gif finalize checkbox/filter/deferred fetch strategy Bug 233269
      • Ok green.gif Better/faster filtering without graying out filter box
  • Usability+Performance
    • Ok green.gif More selective loading of repos when sites are added Bug 236485
  • API
    • Ok green.gif Separation of contributions from the rest of the code Bug 221760
    • Progress.gif Ability to reassemble groups (available, installed, history, repo management) into new locations (pref page vs. wizard, etc.)

M5 - Jan 30, 2009 - Major Feature Freeze

  • UI/Usability
    • Ok green.gif improved error reporting and explanation of problems between the planner and the UI Bug 218055
    • Progress.gif complete integration of p2 installation pages with about dialog (requires refactoring on Platform UI side)
    • Ok green.gif misc polish bugs
    • Ok green.gif better presentation of repositories
      • Ok green.gif Access to sites from all workflows Bug 250316
      • Ok green.gif improve presentation of enabled/disabled repositories Bug 218534
    • Ok green.gif Implementation for available view affordances Bug 216032
    • Ok green.gif Revert UI improvements
      • Ok green.gif history view integrated into about dialog Bug 250316, see Mockups
      • Ok green.gif background job/progress reporting/UI freeze issues
  • API
    • Ok green.gif Ability to reassemble groups (available, installed, history, repo management) into new locations (pref page vs. wizard, etc.)

M6 - Mar 12, 2009 - API Freeze

  • UI/Usability
    • Ok green.gif Better support of disconnected user during install
      • Ok green.gif Wizard should open immediately
      • Ok green.gif Resolve against only the scoped repos
    • Ok green.gif UI changes to support site-qualified category ids and versions
    • Ok green.gif complete integration of p2 installation pages with about dialog (The work to be done is in Platform UI, not p2)
    • Ok green.gif copy/paste support in various views
    • Ok green.gif user naming of repos
    • Progress.gif misc bugs
  • API
    • Ok green.gif misc. API/code cleanup bugs

Deferred Items


  • Ability to install/uninstall user-named groups of IU's
  • Separation of product base vs. "add-ons" Bug 215398
  • Fast-path install scenarios Bug 223264
  • consider proposed license UI Bug 217944

Major Features

  • User's environment is defined explicitly by someone external (administrator)
    • Upgrade or install to a new specification
    • Compare current installation to required one


  • Core/UI responsibilities
    • should UI be the one coordinating provisioning operations vs. having scheduling rules Bug 218216
    • batched repo events
  • Supported API for all UI building blocks
    • Individual wizards, dialogs, commands
    • consider handlers vs. actions for UI pluggability/are some command ID's contracts (so clients can invoke UI by id)
    • Content and label providers

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