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Equinox p2 UI Eclipse 3.4 Plan

Milestone plans


The focus for M7 should be functional completeness (finish P1s). Some P2 items are being worked before P1 when the underlying core support isn't there yet for a P1 item.

  • Ok green.gif Progress reporting affordance in install dialog
  • Ok green.gif Preventing parallel provisioning requests, accumulating restart requests
  • P1 Progress.gif Verify trust and insert UI for signature verification <Tim>
  • P1 Ok green.gif User authentication issues <Tim>
  • P1 Progress.gif Handling of fix packs/patches
  • P1 Ok green.gif Definition of IU locking and prevention of certain actions
  • P1 Ok green.gif Reenable the revert UI and show only root IU's
  • P2 Ok green.gif Review where we are wrt the UM usability issues in Bug 205517
  • P2 Progress.gif High priority usability bugs reported against p2 UI
  • P2 Ok green.gif Usability improvements in available and installed IU views
    • Ok green.gif Flat/repo/category view switch with filtering
    • Ok green.gif Knowledge of installation on available page - filter out what's installed
    • Ok green.gif Other improvements as described in Bug 216028 and Bug 216029
  • P2 Ok green.gif Investigate caching/refresh fix for deferred query mechanism and raise any necessary platform UI issues Bug 224516
  • P2 Ok green.gif Ability to distinguish between enabled and disabled repos and allow user to enable/disable
  • P2 Ok green.gif Import/export site bookmarks from Update Manager


M6 is defined as finishing the P0 and items and getting as far as we can with P1. Some P2 items are being worked before P1 when the underlying core support isn't there yet for a P1 item.

  • P0 Ok green.gif UM hides its contributions if p2 is there <Tim>
  • P0 Ok green.gif Fix annoying auto-update popup bugs and overeager error reporting
  • P0 Ok green.gif Detect invalid update plans before notifying user
  • P0 Ok green.gif Fix remaining category duplication, merging, sorting bugs
  • P1 Ok green.gif Detection of install handlers and launch UM when found <Susan>
  • P1 Ok green.gif Ability to add repos by just pointing at a jar (auto-drop-in a bundle), jar or dir that is not already a p2 repo (UM extension locations) <Susan>
  • P2 Ok green.gif Quick and easy ways to add repos from web (drag to available IU's target)
  • P2 Ok green.gif Drag/drop implementations for extension locations, drop-ins


  • Ok green.gif P1 Performance issues
    • Ok green.gif Background resolving/sizing for user-triggered updates
    • Ok green.gif Rework model to reference ids (profile ids, repo URLs) in lieu of objects
  • Ok green.gif Restructure available IU viewer for PDE consumption
  • Ok green.gif API for profile change requests
  • Ok green.gif Automatic updates life-cycle, affordance and popup workflow
  • Ok green.gif Improve property pages for IUs in end user UI
  • Ok green.gif Summary info for install/update wizards
    • Ok green.gif Timing of resolves once inside an install/update wizard


  • Progress.gif Polish install and update scenarios
    • Ok green.gif Notify of auto-download separate from install
    • Ok green.gif Preferences for reminding user of available updates Bug 207493
    • Progress.gif Performance/progress when resolving/planning
  • Ok green.gif Improved support for browsing repos
    • Ok green.gif IU categories Bug 203115
    • Ok green.gif remove duplicate contributions from different repos, better sorting
    • Ok green.gif show only latest versions
  • Ok green.gif Refactoring and code polish items
    • Ok green.gif Clean up adapter usage
    • Ok green.gif Clean up/simplify colocated repo handling
    • Ok green.gif Use deferred content providers for repo content
    • Ok green.gif Allow UI app to specify repo taxonomy via queries
  • Ok green.gif UI for Revert Bug 205223
  • Ok green.gif Improved way to present licenses and remember accepted licenses Bug 205232
  • Ok green.gif Admin UI features as needed by team


  • End user UI
    • Ok green.gif Improve workflow and information pre-<install/update/uninstall>
      • Ok green.gif Prompting replaced by informational wizard Bug 204321
      • Ok green.gif Size/time estimation on install/update (Depends on Bug 201488)
      • Ok green.gif One entry point per group Bug 204823
      • Ok green.gif Detect invalid states on install/update/uninstall
    • Ok green.gif Polling for software updates and associated user prefs
      • Ok green.gif Automatic updating
      • Ok green.gif Alert me when updates available
      • Progress.gif Ability to download and then notify
  • Ok green.gif Admin UI
    • Ok green.gif Artifact repo view shows artifact descriptors, processing steps, etc.


  • Build alternate UI for End User - Install, Uninstall, and/or update IU's from running profile
    • user views installed IU's in the current profile
    • user can manage repositories as an advanced feature (separate button on dialog)
      • repositories are colocated (no distinction between metadata and artifact repo)
    • UI prequalifies the install
      • figure out if the install is valid using oracle
      • [deferred] use advanced oracle to flag any invalid states
      • [deferred] use advanced oracle to precompute info such as download size/time, etc.
    • user can uninstall an installed IU
    • user can update an installed IU
  • Repository naming
    • repo level
    • [deferred] user can override repo name
  • Better filtering of repos and IU's (show only what's relevant to end user)
  • Refactor drag support into common UI project
  • Filtering of IU's based on entry point concept
    • Give the ability to name what is being installed
  • Admin UI can launch end user UI from selected profile in profile view
    • should be able to disable colocated repo management
  • AdminUI views show enhanced info about objects (multiple columns)
  • AdminUI and User UI contribute different property pages


  • Browse repositories
    • Add/remove repositories
    • Browse IU's in a metadata repository
    • Install IU from a metadata repository into a selected profile
  • Browse profiles
    • Add/remove profiles
    • Browse IU's in a profile
    • Uninstall IU

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