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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080616


  • DJ
  • McQ
  • Jed
  • John
  • Simon
  • Susan
  • Pascal


  • Some people are still reporting slow connections when connecting via proxies. We need to track down what is going on here and whether it is a JVM problem, ECF problem, or something else bug 121201.
  • Trying to track down problems when loading invalid zip files. If you have a reproducible case please comment in bug 234579
  • Problems when the mock IUs resolve, but the real IUs do not, so subsequent installs/updates
  • 3.5 planning
    • Would like to gather list of things to work on
    • Will set up a wiki page where people can list the areas they plan to work on
  • UI working group walk through next week
  • Try to help people out with adopting p2

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