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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080512


  • Andrew N
  • Andrew O
  • Ben
  • Curtis
  • Darin
  • Dave
  • DJ
  • Jed
  • Jeff
  • John
  • McQ
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Susan


  • RC1 work, status
  • Should feature groups be singleton?
  • Extension locations
  • We are not installing all the features. Does it matter? Implications?


Bugs for RC4

  • lots of open bugs still
  • 58 bugs for RC1
  • 90-something for 3.4
  • bugs marked 3.4 are ones which we will look at for 3.4 RC1 if we have time
  • we have a slightly different practice of target milestone marking than the rest of the project
  • the PMC is ok with this as long as the changes aren't too wide-spreading
  • will allow us to do more polish stuff in RC builds
  • when you review a patch and it is good, just commit it rather than passing back for release


  • DJ
    • some update manager compatibility bugs to review
  • Pascal
    • a couple of bugs related to sizing phase
    • a bug related to dependency management
  • John
    • re-enabling mirrors for update site repositories
    • adding proper repositories to the build by default
    • will look at available software weirdness bugs with Susan
  • Simon
    • generally ok for shared install
    • MAC problems in read-only setup
    • some bundles don't appear in the Help -> About
    • bundle pool filtering (we now have essentially have 2 bundle pools)
    • we had talked about removing bad repositories
    • also removing the dropins repositories after first use
  • Andrew N
    • looking into issues with exporting from the UI
    • also marking products as groups
    • setting the launcher name
    • changing the repository name (currently is set to path from build machine)
  • Susan
    • has a bunch of bugs assigned for RC1 but about half could be pushed to RC2
    • some issues with concurrent operations being run
    • issues around checkbox updating - will talk to Boris
    • looking for help doing proper progress monitoring (need to at least respond to cancellation)
    • when we are installing the dialog is closeable, but people don't know that. what should we do?
  • Jed
    • things are ok
    • one bug to look at (bug 200714)
    • will look at one more bug related to spoof-up IUs (bug 225340)
  • Jeff/Ben
    • 3 bugs with patches that will go into today
    • Ben as 3 bugs related to the director app
    • hope to have a demo of an EPP server-side install generator this week
  • Andrew O
    • things going well, nothing to add
  • Curtis
    • working on exporting metadata
    • PDE is working with Jeff on launch config problem
  • Dave
    • Translation code has been released
    • Need to verify the translation files are non-greedy

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