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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080505


  • RC1 work, status


  • Andrew N
  • Andrew O
  • Ben Wong
  • Darin
  • Dave
  • DJ
  • Jed
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Susan
  • Tim M


  • SSL
    • Currently SSL connections only work if the certificate is already in cacerts file
    • Waiting on support from Equinox Security for storing additional trusted certificates
  • Uninstall from UM
    • We currently don't support uninstall using classic update manager for feature installed with UM
    • Planning to implement this week
  • Upgrading the base in a shared install
    • This is not yet supported but we want to do some minimal support for this
  • Whether export from UI should generate repositories
    • We will allow creating a p2 repository when exporting features, but not when exporting plugins
  • Supporting generator advice for root files
    • Running chmod and ln on root files
    • We will likely defer this as nobody is urgently needing it
  • Issue in mac builds: PPC versus x86 architecture in profile
    • [[1]]
    • We could perhaps put a hack in roaming profile support to reinitialize the architecture on target machine

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