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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080414


  • Andrew Niefer
  • Andrew Overholt
  • Darin Wright
  • Dave Stevenson
  • DJ Houghton
  • John Arthorne
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Scott Lewis
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Susan McCourt
  • Tim Mok
  • Tim Webb


  • Progress review
  • How can we improve the extension location scenario?
  • How do we address the case where ppl have multiple configurations? (e.g. run with -configuration ....)
  • Memory consumption, can we also intern the strings at generation time?


Round-table Progress


  • Dave and DJ have been working on platform.xml support
  • had some success
  • still some problems
  • needs more tests
  • on track for M7


  • wants to add code to better use the progress monitoring
  • how do we want to handle the case where people try to install something while another install operation is already happening in the background
  • on track for M7
  • enable/disable sites might require some UI work


  • new p2 target provisioning bundles are available in the next i-build
    • based on looking for capability
  • added preference for target platforms
    • can use
    • or can scan directory

Andrew O

  • working on shared artifact repository

Tim W

  • working on a few more patches


  • would like to get some SSL changes into the build
  • 2 new fragments - need to add those to the set of bundles that are included in the build
  • new bundles might require or only javax... Scott will confirm
  • also working on some proxy-related code

Tim M

  • working on SSL UI related code
  • trust manager


  • looking at some update site bugs
  • will talk to Tim W in case work is related
  • added #revert back in. will be in the next N-build
  • curious about remaining work to be done to address startup regressions
  • Pascal wants to look into the amount of time we spend going to the file system

Andrew N

  • reviewed the publisher work that Jeff did
  • looked at making the generator depend on the publisher
  • that would take a few days to do if we wanted to take that route
  • problems when PDE/UI calls p2... in PDE/Build we use statics to hang onto thing across calls but when PDE/UI does this the way that class loaders work it clears the static
  • one fix might be to move the statics from the Ant task to the bundle
  • or do a normal export and then a one-time generate on the result
  • problem with multi-platform builds... rather than building once they build once per platform
  • looking at PDE/Build reading a p2 target to get the state (some code is in the UI that we can look at)
  • real answer is to be using FrameworkAdmin


  • working on patch support
  • will also help with optionality in reconciler and some of the problems in shared install scenario
  • need to come to a conclusion about this by the end of the week
  • EPP currently uses the drop-ins functionality
  • need to work with them to get proper packages


  • discovery site - UM has support to extend the feature.xml to discover other features
  • have released some code to handle this (from dropins and update site)
  • doesn't handle the case where we use p2 to install the feature
  • don't want to encode this functionality in the IU
  • could have a new touchpoint that knows what to do
  • have been thinking about site association
  • currently we look at all sites when doing an update


  • working on platform.xml code with Dave
  • build stuff, update site stuff, etc

Extension Locations

  • do we understand fully how people use extension locations?
  • we allow people to add repos which are extension locations but we don't automatically add everything in the site
  • we originally talked about an auto-install property on repositories
  • if we improve our work-flow we should be ok
  • we could auto-select everything when you first add a site so they just have to press Install

Multiple Configuration Folders

  • we have people who run Eclipse with the -configuration command-line
  • how were people initially creating this other configuration?
  • configuration now means it has more things (p2 area, bundle info, etc)
  • also people have problems where they are just deleting the configuration folder

Memory and Generation on Startup

  • problems on startup when we are reconciling a lot of bundles
  • after we generate, do we flush the IUs from memory?
  • can we intern the string at generation time?

Build ID Problems

  • be careful when getting the build id from people
  • get it from the config.ini or the splash
  • are issues w.r.t. it not getting updated correctly

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