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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080310


  • Andrew N
  • Andrew O
  • Darin
  • Dave
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • John
  • McQ
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Susan
  • Tim M


  • Working on running automated tests on p2-enabled SDK
  • Tests work by unzipping SDK, then unzipping test plugins on top
    • Investigating unzipping tests into dropins folder rather than directly on top of SDK
    • Fixing up paths in Ant scripts
  • Do we still need the metadata cache?
    • There is an issue with stale data in there, but no way to flush it
  • Working on making dropins folder more powerful
    • Supporting different shapes, such as dropins/plugins, dropins/eclipse/plugins, dropins/emf/plugins, etc
    • Support for adding *.lnk files into dropins folder
    • Nice to also support a sub-directory of dropins that just contains bundle jars
  • Authentication
    • Storing login/password information in Equinox secure preference store
  • Resolver
    • SAT4J approved and should be in this week's I-build
    • Jed and Tim W working with SAT4J team on improved explanation of resolution failure
  • UI wizardry
    • Working on being able to add directories as update sites, and call the generator to produce metadata
    • Will then work on gee-whiz features like dragging links from web sites to install, etc
  • Generator
    • Jeff working on refactoring generator to be less monolithic, more flexible
    • Break generator work down into actions that can be combined in different way
    • Coordinate with Jeff if you're making generator changes in the near future

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