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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080302


  • Ready for a week of ultimate fun?
  • Repository caching
  • What is the difference between links folder support and drop-ins


  • Tim M
  • Darin
  • Dave
  • Andrew N
  • Pascal
  • John
  • DJ
  • Andrew O
  • Susan
  • McQ
  • Simon


  • Integration status: Two problems need to be fixed before integration (Equinox p2 Integration Complete). We do not have yet a successful p2-ized SDK build, but we are making progress.
  • In order to facilitate the integration, please do not release big changes. Pascal will send a note when HEAD is reopen.
  • Tim M. and Matt have tried connecting to repos through SSL. The proper information is being passed in from the trust manager and the connection is allowed. Tim will investigate on how to report to the user when the connection is failing.
  • Dave released support to translate metadata and provided some utils for the UI. Pascal to talk to Dave to review the namespace ids and also discuss how to have ius say which language they provide translation for.
  • Dropins support and links folder. Preceding the call DJ and Pascal had a discussion on the relationship of these two mechanisms. At the lowest level those two mechanisms find plugins and features and install them. The difference seems to lie in the frequency / moment at which those folders are being consulted.

It has been agreed that we should be able to have just one mechanism capable of exploring folders in the search of some specific files and folders (it would along other things handle .lnk files). Then we would have a policy indicating when the reconciliation should be done.

  • Repo caching of invalid repos. John released something Friday but he believes that it would be good to add a refresh method on the repo managers to cause caches to be cleared.

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