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Equinox p2 Meeting 20080204

See Equinox p2 Meetings for complete index.


  • Where are we at wrt to our M5 goals?
    • Paths in bundles.txt
    • M5 N&N
    • Test plan
  • Discussion topics
    • EclipseCon stick
    • File names: bundles.txt, artifacts.xml, content.xml
    • Update description explicit or not
    • File describing the location of the source, where do we put it
    • How do we generate categories from the MDGen
    • What do we do about bugs we are not addressing in 1.0?


  • John Arthorne
  • DJ Houghton
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Susan McCourt
  • James Miles
  • Tim Mok
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Andrew Overholt
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Dave Stevenson
  • Mike Wilson
  • Darin Wright

M5 status


  • director and planner api done
  • engine api done
  • profile/profile delta done
  • ran tests but having problems


  • source bundles released
  • some alignment tbd with pde
  • didn't set up the build to run everyday
  • did grad review slides
  • reviewed tim's code
  • released some path changes
  • still working on mac problem
  • stlil has old shape
  • will talk to mcq about shape
  • important to have good "mac" shape for shared install scenerio


  • installer was written
  • problems building it
  • build is missing the exe
  • installer installs old-style sdk with bundles.txt (which means they can't use update manager)
  • released bundles as being true
  • reviewing patches from Tim W prob for post M5 (resolving fragments, multi-thread downloads)
  • reviewing Tim M patches


  • got busted by a framework admin problem
  • don't use jar: urls
  • will be able to make progress on compatibility bundle


  • got lots of cleanup done
  • auto-updates pop-up, reminders, etc


  • translations
  • update working with the source
  • problems for update after installing
  • minor progress on transalation support

Andrew N

  • generation of product metadata from product file
  • ran into problem with framework admin
  • weird url things happening when trying to load a local artifact repository
  • andrew to let scott know in case there is something in ecf that is related

Andrew O

  • Shared install
  • repo working
  • spoofed profile working
  • merging with all the changes in engine and profile
  • will be working on composite repos next


  • setting p2 properties for the builder (exporting) (get a repo when export)
  • have more testing to do on it, not released yet

Discussion Topics


  • pascal made changes to bundles.txt
  • pde populating the target platform is broken
  • pascal to open bug about npe and work with darin/curtis

M5 new and noteworthy

  • john to put it together

Test Plan

  • manual tests
  • need to add more
  • update compatibility - dj
  • reconciler - simon
  • export and re-use of repo - andrew n
  • need to make sure we have a repo to test against
  • do that today to ensure it gets replicated in time

EclipseCon stick

  • provide ganymede update site / bundle pool
  • provide installers to install EPP packages
  • people can point back to the stick as an update site to install things from
  • it has to work for everyone
  • need to identify risk versus benefit
  • installing things without a bundles.txt from p2 is something new which isn't on the current list
  • wasn't on the list but probably should have been
  • we are supposed to "p2-ize" EPP packages for 1.0
  • some of the things we have already signed up to do so it would just be a matter of moving up the timetable
  • will do some investigation to see how involved a real solution would be
  • pascal and john to investigate


  • bundles.txt, content.xml, artifacts.xml
  • should we rename so we aren't commiting to a file format?
  • we don't have API but once we pick a file we have to stick with it
  • want to be able to change things later and not look goofy
  • we will change for M6
  • pascal to open a bug for dicussion - bug 217700

Source bundles

  • what should the name be?
  • where is it located?
  • people need to be able to discover it
  • written by the eclipse touchpoint
  • didn't want to put them in the bundles.txt because they are a tooling thing and not a runtime thing
  • we will keep them in separate files

Use the tool

  • need to provision an sdk and use it
  • not eating our own dog food
  • will be enabling pack 200
  • generator adds the packed guy if its there
  • should add a debug option to know if we are really using this

Update site

  • will set up an update site
  • andrew looking at composite repos
  • is this similar to the mirroring tool?


  • what do we do with bugs which we aren't going to fix for 3.4?
  • people don't like "later"
  • 3.5? 3.4.1?
  • bring it up at the eclipse arch call


  • where do we graduate p2?
  • project repo
  • is it a sub-project?
  • topic for eclipse arch call
  • note when we graduate the bug component will change

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