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Equinox p2 API Requests

This page will provide a place for interested parties to express their API requests against p2 for the 3.5 timeframe. A wiki page is more practical than bug reports due to the numerous changes that will be made. Once requirements have stabilized, bug reports will be opened against Equinox p2.

Source Locations

PDE has support to track source locations in the target platform. However, others, who may not have access to PDE need access to the source bundles of the platform. For example JDT requires the JUnit source bundle Bug 225594.

Before p2, PDE could search all installed bundles for source bundles. However, p2 does not install source bundles. Instead, p2 provides a file <eclipseInstall>\eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.equinox.source\ that lists all of the source bundles in the platform. In 3.4 PDE hard codes the location of this file, reads it and adds the source bundles to the target platform.

In 3.5, PDE would like to see p2 provide API to get a list of known source bundles (what is currently stored in the file). That way the list is available outside of PDE.

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