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Equinox p2 3.5 contributions

The content of this page is superseded by the Galileo feature list [1]


Metadata improvement
Provide additional metadata construct to separate the line-up information from the raw dependency information.
Define an API for p2 and provide some reusable UI building blocks


Meta data authoring
Remote repositories
reference to wiki page TBD - includes search/browse/publish
Buckminster has an installer, seems a waste to have duplicate efforts.
Inclusion of more links in IU
We think it is a good idea to include more "bookmarks" (in the form of an OPML) into an IU - this to enable links to not only License and Copyright, but any set of useful links and RSS feeds to information that a publisher sees fit. We have an implementation of this in Buckminster that can be modified and contributed.
installation/materialization of source/projects
Buckminster has this, again, seems a waste to have duplicate efforts.
version type support
Currently p2 supports only OSGi type versions, we think versions needs to be typed (OSGi, Triplet,...). We would like to contribute the implementation (if someone else does not add this), as we want to be able to use p2 for technologies other than OSGi.

Siemens AG

Better RCP support
It's is great that 3.4 can create p2 repositories in the product export wizard. Whas's missing is PDE support for the director application. Suggestion: Include a "Create installation from created repository" that prepares all the infrastructure for self-updating of an exported RCP application
Provide more customizable end user UI
The current software update dialogs used in Eclipse have great potential to be reusable in domain specific RCP applications. It would be great if things like "Add update site" could to be optional.

Genuitec, LLC

Tentative: Resolution error reporting improvements (p2 & Sat4J integration)
We would like to improve the error reports that p2 returns when a resolution failure occurs. This includes reducing the problem to a minimum error problem, improving Sat4J's error syntax, and modifying p2 to use the error report from Sat4J and return better error reports to the user.

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