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Equinox Minutes - 20090915


  • Jeff
  • Stoyan
  • Pascal
  • Tom
  • DJ
  • John
  • Simon


  • Need to update google calendar.
  • Status
    • Finishing up M2
    • Starting M3 work
    • Work on p2 installation/update verification framework.
    • Work on using JUnit4 with our test framework.
    • Working on automated tests for update from 3.5 to 3.6 and rollback
    • Started exploration on DI for p2
    • RFC 138, new draft written to remove assumption on a real nested framework.
      • Lifecycle issues and performance issues when using a real nested framework for isolation.
  • Use of DS for compendium service implementations
    • The org.eclipse.update.configurator currently uses an approach.
    • Use another lazy mechanism to register the services.
    • Open a bug against compendium to discuss more ideas. bug 289489
  • API to interrogate DS components.
    • Equinox impl provides console commands to do this
    • Apache Felix has a programmatic API
    • Should we 1) invent our own API 2) collaborate with AF to use their API 3) go straight to spec an API
  • GSOC
    • Ian and Jeff were working with a student (Chris Matthews).
      • Create a "small" VM image to run on the cloud.
      • Started rather large and pairing it back.
      • Based on Linux.
      • A tool to piece together an image with Linux, Equinox and p2 enabled to manage with a web-based UI.
      • Student is interested in continuing work.
    • Pascal talked a bit about trying to replace YUM with p2 to manage linux.
    • Pascal describe other GSOC projects
      • Web-installer - project did not progress well. Did not move very far.
      • Matt investigated tools for interrogating p2 meta-data. Allows you to look at the dependencies of a p2 repo. Work still to be done to get it integrated into the agent. All UI based.
  • Equinox book status
    • Jeff asked for reviewers from the Equinox team.
    • Today is the day to send in 95% of the content to publisher.
    • Make available content for review by tomorrow (hopefully).
    • EMF project webpage has link to the EMF book. Would it be OK to add a link to the Equinox book? Consensus on call was that it is OK to do.
  • Discuss the Go-Go console and using for Equinox.

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