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Equinox Minutes - 20090908


  • Tom
  • John
  • Pascal
  • Jeff
  • Simon
  • DJ


  • 3.6 Planning draft plan
    • EclipseSource will do some work in server-side to make it easier to use
    • EclipseSource ease of use issues with p2. Make it easier to assemble a solution.
    • Multi-locale support with help from EclipseSource
    • Are our plan items too fine grain.
      • We should have a more general item that we can group these items under. Gives a more clear message.
      • Use bug reports to capture more fine grained work.
    • Need to get input from Martin on Weaving plan.
  • e4 compatibility
    • OSGi in the context of e4.
      • What cleanup can we do in e4.
      • Remove old stuff
        • plug-in converter, can that be a compatibility fragment.
      • Logging
        • Do we want to logging bundle in the framework? Perhaps as a framework fragment?
        • Our tracing service is looking very close to extended log service.
      • Console
        • Can we split this out into another bundle or framework fragment.
      • Improve our programming model to make it easier to use?
      • R5 OSGi, what are the implications to the code base.
    • What about removing core.runtime
      • Move branding API into app bundle.
    • Adopt DS everywhere to avoid Platform API, or some other injection method.
      • Use p2 as an example for injection. Is DS powerful enough.
      • EventAdmin added to RCP, it needs to be activated. Can it use DS.
        • Issues for scenarios that do not use DS
        • Need code pattern that works when DS is present and when it is not.
  • GSOC

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