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Equinox Minutes - 20090811


  • Helios planning
  • Adding weaving to the build.


  • Tom Watson
  • John Arthorne
  • Andrew Niefer
  • DJ Houghton


  • Weaving build. It depends on AspectJ which is not on the release train.
    • Can we make aspectj an optional dependency and disable aspect weaving if they are not present.
    • Or can we make the aspectj dependencies part of the train.
    • Thoughts is that we have a weaving feature.
    • Should we decouple the equinox builds so that we can build them separate from the SDK.
    • Releng bug opened bug 286241
  • Helios planning
    • Will be finalizing the target platforms first.
    • Need to get input from all contributors to the Equinox
      • IBM
      • EclipseSource
      • Prosyst
      • Cloudsmith
      • Weaving (Limpert)
      • etc.
    • Update wiki for gathering plan items.
  • Discussion on using junit4 during the build tests.
  • Still on a biweekly Equinox call schedule.
    • Will likely move to weekly schedule on September to track plan items for Helios.

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