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Equinox Minutes - 20090616


  • John
  • Simon
  • DJ
  • Pascal
  • Tom
  • Jeff


Meeting schedule

Do we need to have the call every week for the summer?

  • every other week is ok [July, Sept)

Helios plan items

  • meta-topic: let's do some planning for Helios
  • Wiki page (e.g., Equinox/Helios/plan)for all of equinox components. p2 will do a [Equinox/p2/Helios_contributions separate page] (cause they are special).
  • The wiki page is what people want to contribute
  • send mail message to list to encourage people to add items (John)

Galileo Retrospective

  • we will set up a wiki page to gather input for the Jun 30 meeting
  • John will include a call for input in the message about Helios plan input.

Meeting time change

To accomodate Europeans we should change the team call to be earlier in the day (and perhaps a different day)

  • We will run a Doodle poll and send to the equinox-dev list (Tom)

Core items for the summer

  • A number of EEG specs will come to pass in the next few months
  • EEG will likely need some changes to the Equinox Core
  • might consider doing an interrim release of Equinox when EEG goes gold
  • one of the key elements is the need to weave

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