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Equinox Minutes - 20090407


  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • John
  • Simon
  • Matt
  • Andrew


  • When do we move to Java 1.5
    • Third party libraries, jetty 7, slf4j etc. We hold some of them back.
    • Core Framework likely to stay 1.5 until OSGi spec moves
    • What about other bundles in Equinox.
    • When will there be a small 1.5 VM? We don't know at this point.
    • New features may require 1.5 for some reason. We should still be able to launch on pre 1.5 without the new feature and do the "right thing".
  • Review Equinox SDK Features, next steps.
    • New Equinox SDK features checked into CVS.
    • Currently 4 features (core, p2, server-side, compendium)
    • What about executable feature, includes all launcher fragments and launcher exes. Part of the delta pack. We should keep it separate. Should nest it with the rest of the features.
    • What is next?
      • add to the build (Andrew? DJ? work with Kim).
      • review names
      • review the content
      • review the version (3.5 for top-level Equinox SDK feature).
      • bug 270694 discusses the SDK features.
  • Galileo Categories for Runtime
    • We have decided to add each sdk feature in Equinox to the runtime category.
  • Performance tests
    • Runtime headless performace tests
      • It is a known problem that the headless runtime performance test degrades over time because of new bundles, larger registry, etc.
      • However there was a clear and significant regression between N20090205 and I20090210
      • The only significant change found so far is introduction of DS on N20090206, but initial testing doesn't show DS having such a significant impact

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