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Equinox Minutes - 20090331


  • DJ
  • Simon
  • Jeff
  • Tom
  • Andrew
  • Pascal
  • Matt


  • Log service has graduated. Where did we end up with API? It looks like org.eclipse.equinox.log is real API?
    • Tom will review and open bugs accordingly. We decided to make this API.
    • Simon will review since tags.
  • Old Incubator. Starting to remove content from HEAD and placing readmes pointing to new repo for projects that moved.
    • Need to release the map file before the nightly build; otherwise it will break tonight.
  • Categorization in p2
    • Target provisioning - making attractive targets for equinox runtime targets
      • Equinox SDK will include all graduated stuff
      • For target provisioning we will have one category for each sub-project (framework, components, compendium, server-side, security, p2, aspects?). That will require a new sdk feature for each sub-project.
      • Jeff will create the new features for each SDK
      • Someone in Ottawa will coordinate for building the new SDK features
      • The full Equinox SDK will be an aggregate of all the sub-project SDK features
  • Jetty
    • Moved to RT in Eclipse.
    • Interested in participating with Equinox for server-side stuff.
    • Not happening for Galileo.
  • RT marketing
    • Equinox is the brand? Does not seem to work. RT PMC decided to stick with EclipseRT (one word) for branding.
    • Equinox portal renaming to EclipseRT portal.
  • Solaris x86 new platform?

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