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Equinox Minutes - 20090210


  • Review provisional API conventions for Equinox
  • concurrent bundle in the SDK
  • p2.inf to launcher fragments (bug 263783)
    • This topic took up the whole meeting time + additional 2 hours!!
    • This information gets used by the p2 engine to update the launcher.ini.
    • Discussed having it in the source only or binary also. If we include in the source it will help our builds. We need to consider if it should be in the binary.
    • Does p2.inf put actions in the IU or should we use a new CU? Should we allow the p2.inf to be able to specify where the actions go?
    • Should develop the p2 tutorial to see how this fits together. Need to figure out how to recommend the CU for simple configurator to start is brought into a custom product.
    • Andrew created a wiki Equinox/p2/GeneratingCUs
  • Equinox status message


  • Andrew
  • Matthew
  • Tom
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • DJ
  • John
  • Jeff

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