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Equinox Minutes - 20080923


  • Andrew C
  • Andrew N
  • DJ
  • Eric
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Matt
  • Oleg
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Tom



  • Tom and Jeff have been gathering plan items from people
  • Project plan can be found | here
  • most of the items are in committed state, which is surprising
  • oops, side effect of editing XML. components to go through items and move to appropriate section
  • need plan for community awareness as well as to help us organize our work
  • plan themes, etc are currently aligned with the Eclipse plan themes
  • plan could be read as being a little fragmented w.r.t. cross team/component items so we should work on that
  • need to be able to read the plan as a non-Eclipse person and figure out what is happening
  • one of the goals is to easily identify cross-team dependencies
  • also to identify areas where people are able to contribute to items
  • we should have an associated bug report with each plan item (like Eclipse does)
  • Tom to get together with Matt and Pascal to flush out security and p2 items
  • a few missing things from the plan
  • launcher: cocoa port, webStart bug that we hacked to work-around for 3.4
  • what about the old "launch an editor from the command-line and desktop" feature request?
    • is this even an Equinox thing? yes, probably
    • will need community help on this
  • Oleg has some items in the extension registry that he wants to look at
    • create user objects from configuration elements, singletons, etc.
    • some items are for 3.5 and some are for e4

DS Bundles

  • the DS bundles are now being shipped as part of the SDK
  • what are the requirements for something to be added to the SDK?
  • we aren't using DS in the SDK
  • but PDE is used for tooling OSGi in general and not just things that we use
  • same argument could be made for other parts of the SDK... like APT


  • Matt looking for scenerios and people to talk to about authentication and authorization in the server-side space
  • Simon is a good contact for this
  • Jeff also will provide some names

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