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Equinox Minutes - 20080909

Galileo Planning

  • Equinox plan needs to be created in standard form
  • Equinox components should have a draft of their component plan ready for next week
  • Aim to finalize Equinox plan by end of September

p2 bugzilla update

  • Pascal is doing an update of all p2 bugs
  • Marking with 3.5 target milestone bugs related to plan items or themes

End-game process

  • Need to decide on ramp-down process in RT. Jeff and Tom to discuss with RT PMC. Staying with the Eclipse project ramp-down policy for Ganymede SR1.

Equinox Incubator Graduation

  • Going to create a single sub-project of Equinox for an Incubator project
  • Tom to coordinate move (yay for Tom)

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