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Equinox Minutes - 20080715


  • Andrew
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Matt
  • Oleg
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Tom


RT Incubator

  • currently only whole projects can be incubating
  • if we move then our incubator project wouldn't really be incubator
  • we have to do a move review anyway
  • we should just wait until the new dev process takes effect and then only move once
  • what happens with obsolete parts of the incubator?
  • should we only move active things? (e.g. what about the monitoring/jmx work?)
  • what about moving everything except things we know are garbage
  • this keeps the option of things becoming active again
  • once things graduate then clear out HEAD and put in a README that tells people the new location

Project Move

  • should do this soon... don't wait until fall
  • should only need to update the map files
  • currently just update the map files and have the Platform Releng team build it as they do now
  • should we work towards building on our own?
  • lots of dependencies between Equinox and Platform (especially on the p2 level)
  • how can we fix this?
  • issues are similar to those holding us back from incremental build
  • we should just make it work
  • could build some parts of Equinox (not necessarily p2) and then other parts later
  • the move will happen the last week of July
  • tom and jeff to come up with list and update wiki doc
  • bugzilla will move too (Eclipse/Equinox -> RT/Equinox)

OSGi Spec Work

  • Tom is doing some work for the next OSGi spec and will be doing the work in HEAD
    • conditional permission admin
    • launch multiple frameworks in same vm
    • nesting frameworks
    • service registry (minor changes)
  • spec should be ready by early March

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