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Equinox Minutes - 20080527


  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Matt
  • Mcq
  • Oleg
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Tom



  • typically we have time at the end for about a week after code changes are done
  • Oleg and Matt are working on security related doc
  • need some context (F1) docs
  • most dialogs and preference pages need docs
  • p2 needs doc on running the generator, etc
  • not a lot of p2 UI to doc
  • Susan has lots of experience doing UI doc


  • p2 has a couple of critical bugs left
    • file transfer - expect a JAR but getting an HTML file
    • file which is not downloaded properly but we think it is
      • Simon to work on this with Jeff and Pascal
    • one outstanding UNC-related bug
      • have to be careful here
      • should only change things which we are 100% sure with the outcome
      • have some changes in simple configurator and framework admin
      • will apply the simple configurator one
      • need to evaluate if the changes to framework admin are needed
      • Pascal to take a look at it
    • also a bug related to a weird character in the feature.xml after injecting translations
  • Framework and Bundles are pretty much done
  • Security is pretty much done as well... just doing doc
  • a few bugs in PDE/Build to look at
  • will talk to the UI team again to see if we can get some help on UI bugs

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