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Equinox Minutes - 20080513


  • Andrew
  • DJ
  • Jeff
  • John
  • Matt
  • Mcq
  • Oleg
  • Pascal
  • Simon
  • Tom



  • what happens if we have NLS changes later on in the cycle?
  • just commit them, and people can react and update translations based on deltas provided from their tooling

Missing bundles

  • Andrew has been working with PDE and they have seen cases where bundles have been missing from an upgraded install

Delta Pack

  • Normal work-flow of extracting a delta pack on top of an install doesn't work anymore because we launch from the
  • Current behaviour is if the target is the running eclipse then use the bundle info, otherwise include everything in the target.
  • PDE talked about adding auto-discovery but that is a problem because everything in the bundle pool would get installed
  • Need to document the new work-flow and put it in the migration guide

Eclipse 3.4 RC1

  • going through and assigning target milestones in bug reports
  • things are looking pretty good
  • still have some performance work to do
  • looking at some work in the reconciler to avoid reconciliation unless necessary

Application IDs

  • should we consider renaming some of our application ids? they are (for instance)
  • would probably confuse people more than it would help them
  • could create a second id which is the same as the first
  • are we able to deprecate an id?
  • leave the ids for now

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