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Equinox Minutes - 20080212

  • p2 review
    • IP log accepted, review is scheduled for tomorrow
  • What milestone to use for bugs we are not fixing in 3.4 release (use 3.5, 4.0, nothing)?
    • Can use 3.5 for bugs/enhancements we really intend to address in 3.5 release
    • 4.0 implies a major breaking shift in the framework is required and we believe 4.0 is a candidate
    • Leave milestone blank if it's a valid enhancement/bug but we have no plans to address it (can also use priorities, helpwanted, etc)
    • Tom will write up a summary
  • What component should p2 bugs use which we are not intending to fix for the 3.4 release (incubator, or new p2 component)?
    • The main Equinox p2 bucket should be used for most bugs. For significant enhancements that deserve incubation (involves parallel IP or different committers), can use the incubator bugzilla bucket.
  • Substitutable exports
    • Tom has finished work on substitutable exports, and would like everyone to self-host on it to work out the kinks
    • Grab org.eclipse.osgi from tonight's N-build
  • Security graduation
    • two bundles being graduation
    • Will use Equinox Bundles component
  • SPI package names
    • SPI package names should start with org.eclipse.equinox.spi package prefix. This is just a naming convention to help make it easier for client developers to identify the purpose of these packages. These packages are real API packages that follow our usual rules with respect to compatibility, version numbering, etc

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