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Equinox Minutes - 20080205

Call-in Information

  • Tuesdays from 2:05pm to 3:05pm (Eastern)
  • 613.287.8000 or 866.362.7064, passcode 892048#


  • John Arthorne
  • Oleg Besedin
  • Matt Flaherty
  • DJ Houghton
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Tim Mok
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • Tom Watson
  • Mike Wilson

Discussion Topics

Bug about adaptor manager

  • get adaptor doesn't return anything if the bundle hasn't been activated yet
  • one recommendation is to have a flag for people who provide factories to force activation
  • if true, then getAdaptor will activate. (behave the same as loadAdaptor
  • bug number is 82973
  • similar to one in the extension registry about activation

Substitutable Exports

  • some people recommend exporting and importing all packages
  • Apache is doing it and it is listed as a best practice
  • if you specify both, then the framework chooses you as only one... either importer or exporter
  • breaks required bundle clients
  • tom has opened a bug against OSGi
  • equinox bug

Install Location

  • Install area has always been where we find Eclipse, not where the framework is
  • used to default to where the exe is
  • assumptions were made about the shape of things on disk
  • if launcher jar is in a folder called plug-ins, then install area is the parents of the plug-ins folder
  • this works ok if you are self-contained
  • p2 allows users to have a bundle pool which is separate from your install
  • path magic doesn't work anymore
  • people have made assumptions
  • we need a new property which describes where the executable is located
  • how useful is the osgi.install property?
  • should we deprecate this and create a new one which represents the location of the launcher?
  • Tom to work with Pascal on a proposal to describe these locations
  • 2 problem areas are: osgi.install.area and Platform#getInstallLocation

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