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Equinox Minutes - 20080108

Equinox Minutes - 20080108

Eclipse 3.4 M5

  • Eclipse 3.4 M5 is February 8
  • we need to take inventory and start locking down what is going to be in 3.4
  • 4 areas of concern for our team: provisioning, security, PDE/Build, api tooling
  • for the security work, need to take into account the length of time to graduate from the incubator
  • everything needs to be IP clean before it can be graduated
  • Ganymede CQs need to be submitted end of January
  • need to take into account that this is the date they are submitted to the foundation, not necessarily the date that they will be cleared by
  • Action: by the January 22 call we should all have a plan for 3.4 and know our IP status

Other work

  • what happened to the console work that we talked about at the Equinox Summit?
  • Jazz folk are interested in the command-line work
    • have a running agent that executes a command line that is passed to it
  • pulling the console implementation out of the system bundle
    • where are we with this?
    • problems with assumptions about org.osgi vs org.eclipse and importing things
    • need to work on consolidation as well...everyone has their own console implementation


  • Tim is working on signature verification in p2...does this cross over with the security work that is being done?
  • yes, there is overlap here
  • need to talk to Matt and Tom


  • room available at EclipseCon
  • powerbars, internet access, etc
  • intended for committers to get together and hack
  • useful for distributed teams

Eclipse Runtimes

  • there is investigation into creating a new top-level project
  • would contain things like RAP, ECF, Swordfish, etc
  • there is a charter being put together to be presented to the board

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