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Equinox Minutes - 20071204

  • Security work:
    • Want to migrate from provisional JAR verification API to new security API
    • Will need to provide patches for UI, update, p2, pde build
    • Will release after M4 to avoid churn late in milestone
  • Prosyst bundles
    • Working on getting util bundles into the right shape wrt package names, etc
    • Need to figure out what kind of Eclipse development process review is required to move bundles from incubator to Equinox
  • PDE build status:
    • Need to rebuild orbit bundles to support source bundles. Will do this after Ganymede M4 build in early January.
    • PDE build support added for generating p2 metadata
  • Inbox tracking
    • We should take some time to triage the runtime inbox to close old bugs

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