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Equinox Minutes - 20071127

November 27, 2007


  • Oleg would like to add a single sign-in framework
  • need to ensure that it integrates with current security contribution
  • try to hook into OS username/password


  • should we do something in this space?
  • perhaps someone in the community would be willing to investigate?


  • still waiting for some changes in the ProSyst bundles before they can be graduated


  • deadline has passed
  • discussed summary of what items were submitted by team

Update Manager and p2 Compatibility

  • might run into problems with directory watcher and the plugins and features folders. some ideas:
    • have a "drop-ins" folder where people can put things
    • do not allow people to modify the plugins directory


  • Simon and Tom gave a webinar
  • intro to OSGi
  • overview of server-side
  • application admin and launching apps
  • demos

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