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Equinox Minutes - 20071120

November 20, 2007

I-Build Test Update Site

  • test update site is deleted every couple of days
  • this is because of disk space on the test machine
  • can we change the retention policy?
  • currently a cron job that deletes the directory
  • can the garbage collector help us here?
  • not yet... API is artifact repo and a set of keys
  • this is a general problem that others will have
  • ask Kim if nightly builds are stored in the update site?
  • can we always only have the most recent one there?
  • can we have a separate directory for each build?
  • need to talk to Kim about this


  • released win32 ia64 port for the launcher


  • working on PDE/Build and p2 metadata generator integration

Individual Source Bundles

  • test build was done
  • looks good
  • a few minor changes that we still have to make
  • would like to release for M4
  • waiting on PDE/UI to release some changes
  • looking at Orbit source bundles
  • might not have to change Orbit bundles for M4

API Tooling

  • continued progress being made
  • adding javadoc tags for identifying behavior (not to be implemented by clients, etc)
  • would like to deliver markers inside the IDE
  • will make the component.xml obsolete once javadoc is all updated

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