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Equinox Minutes - 20071113

November 13, 2007


Jeff has previously done a video about Equinox and now there is another opportunity to do another one. This imt the theme is Equinox in a bigger context. Suggestions for ideas are welcome.

EclipseCon Talks

Deadline is the end of the week.

  • We should submit a short Orbit talk.
  • John submitted an API talk/workshop.
    • beyond Java
    • import/export package
    • extension registry

Equinox Bundles

We have a list of bundles on our web site with status next to them (green, red, yellow). Last year we changed a bundle from yellow to red at the last minute because we didn't realize the list was out of date.

  • How do we better communicate bundle status to the community?
  • Should also add expectations, who is working on the bundle, etc.
  • Should we move red bundles to the incubator? That requires a move review.
  • Should we add a file with the status (like Orbit has) and then generate a page based on that status?
  • 3.4 M4: for next week we will resolve status and determine if there are any bundles which we want to move to the incubator.

Declarative Adapter

  • Would like to move the Declarative Adapter support out of the runtime bundle so we can use it in p2.

Source Builds

Kim is running another test build which will generate individual source bundles.


In p2 we now have SAR code which essentially allows for streaming over JARs and nested JARs. Can we use this in the JAR processor?

Test Wrapper

Andrew mentioned that they used to have a test wrapper that they wrapped around any tests which are known to fail. The wrapper will catch the failure and then cause it to pass. This way if a test which is known to fail suddenly starts working again, then it will be caught.

  • Does this buy us much over just commenting out failing tests?
  • Does it make it easier for us to remember to go back and check tests later? (sometimes commented-out tests are forgotten)


Stefan sent a note to the mailing list wondering if we wanted to use EasyMock in our tests. This might enable us to easier create sample repositories for our test suites.


Status update. Progress being made. Looking to graduate some parts.

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