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Equinox Minutes - 20071106

November 6, 2007

Update from Austin

  • Tom is reviewing the security contribution
  • naming conventions
    • should we be adding "internal" to the package name to things which we are graduating
    • yes, will point people to the web page describing the changes


  • deadline for contributions is soon (Nov 19)
  • 4 tracks potentially related to our team: RCP, OSGi, Eclipse as a Platform, Java
  • are there demo slots?
  • tutorials are all short this year (2 hours) but you can chain them together (part 1, part 2, etc)
  • suggestions:
    • long talks - p2, security, api tooling, eclipse as a runtime
    • tutorials - application admin, pde/build (simple, advanced), server-side, api workshop, pde, programming models, eRCP
    • short talks - launcher
  • potential for a hackfest at EclipseCon this year
    • room with tables and power for committers to go and hack
    • good for teams which are geographically separate

p2 GC

  • Allan has started working on p2 garbage collection
  • starting off with gc for artifact repositories
  • working on coming up with a usable API
  • trying to define scope and granularity
  • for now not dealing with multiple agents sharing the same pool
  • could we mark repositories as being owned by a particular guy so no one else touches it
  • how do you garbage collect metadata
  • we also talked about having a safe-mode for the agent - don't delete specific data
  • the artifacts in the repository might be in different forms: JAR, packed JAR, delta, etc
  • consider scalability issues since we will have thousands of bundles


  • source bundles
    • when are we flipping the switch?
    • Andrew opened a bug against RelEng with a list of things that need to be done
  • SAT investigation
    • no update yet - Jeff to look at this
  • dynamic bundle mark-up
    • are we doing this in 3.4?
  • declaratively listening to events
    • proposal was sent to the mailing list

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