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Equinox Minutes - 20071023

October 23, 2007

3.4 M3

Eclipse 3.4 M3 is next do things look?


  • SWT wants an HP-UX launcher - Bug 207087
  • Intel contributed a launcher for 3.3
  • Do we anticipate many launcher changes upcoming?
    • being able to update root files
    • open file in running Eclipse instance
      • there was something done in this space in the summer of code
      • Andrew/Pascal to investigate/summarize/prototype

Registry Notifications

There are some problems with the current notification support so we would like to make some changes.

  • IRegistryEventListener
    • added(IExtension[]/IExtPt[])
    • removed(IExtension[]/IExtPt[])
  • IExtensionRegistry
    • addListener
    • removeListener
  • notifications are currently asynchronous. new support would have options for both synchronous and asynchronous event notification?
  • Oleg to work with Tom/Pascal
  • also some cache-related work
  • More information is in bug 206936


  • Tom will be creating a new incubator work area for OSGi framework stuff (next version of OSGi, etc)
  • tentatively called OSGi Next
  • will initially contain mostly framework changes
  • to start, will populate with all the latest OSGi interfaces
  • he will create a web page, etc and make it a real work area


  • Tom released some changes to the 3.4 stream related to bug 194943

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