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Equinox Minutes - 20071016

October 16, 2007


There is potentially a new maintenance build happening soon. We have a few critical bugs that we would like to include.

  • Bug 195897 - [launcher] --launcher.XXMaxPermSize: Can't identify Sun VM
  • Bug 205230 - NPE in IdReplaceTask
  • Bug 205622 - Add -XX:PermGen to eclipse.ini for Mac OS X

Incubator Work

  • Tom looking at graduating some of the Prosyst bundles from the incubator.
  • Oleg continuing to look at security contribution in incubator.
  • Extension tracker work

p2 Update

  • resolving is hard, changing our resolver requirements for M3
  • working on transformers for the phases when we are downloading which may allow for delta delivery, pack200, etc
  • javascript use has been replaced
  • M4 goal is to replace the Update Manager in the Eclipse SDK
  • would like to update from i-build to i-build asap.


  • Andrew working on single bundle source bundle format
  • Allan working on getting JUnit 4 running with the automated test suites
  • Tom to create branch for R4.2 work in incubator

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