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Equinox Minutes - 20071002

October 2, 2007


  • introduced a bug into 3.3.1 - if you have a feature which includes things for a platform which you aren't building then you get an NPE
  • one example is bug 205019
  • need to have fix into 3.3.2
  • Andrew to investigate creating a feature patch as well

Other 3.3.2 talk

  • a reference map bug (bug 205117) was found this week but prob won't make it into 3.3.2


  • Tom briefly talked to the security guys and mentioned to them that they should hook up with the p2 crew to determine requirements, etc.

Bundle Consumption

  • how do we consume ECF? ECF requires OSGi and p2 requires ECF.
  • how do we build with this dependancy? and proxy settings

  • who owns it?
  • need to get initial settings from the OS

p2 builds

  • p2 broke its first SDK build
  • problem is that building the features worked ok but then running the agent failed (NPE) which caused the build to break
  • ensure that --launcher.supressErrors is passed into the director/generator apps
  • can we build the features first and then run the agent apps afterwards like we do with the SDK tests?
  • can we put the metadata generation and director install into a junit test?

Equinox Summit

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