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Equinox Minutes - 20070821

August 21, 2007

ProSyst Bundles

  • Tom going to open bugs against releng for release of ProSyst bundles into incubator builds

Coding Conventions

  • John and Tom sent messages to the mailing list
  • Tom released the coding convention settings to the projects in the repository
  • Tom did not change any incubator projects
  • John updated the provisioning projects
  • Should apply the same settings to PDE/Build


  • Tom to start looking at OSGi RFCs for review


  • Andrew looking at launcher bugs this week
  • a couple for 3.3.1 - memory leak and Gentoo bug
  • relative paths to the shared library not quite working in the ini - relative to cwd but should be relative to the exe

Copied Code

  • Currently we copy the Headers code from OSGi - should look into other methods on ManifestElement instead
  • Main does almost the same thing as the OSGi bundle in and around Environment Info... can we take advantage of this?


  • PDE/Build refactoring done and passes tests - Andrew looking for IUs to test build
  • State resolution - can we modify the classpath computer to come up with a classpath that includes the lower-bounds of bundle ranges?

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