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Equinox Minutes - 20070717

July 17, 2007

Meeting Format

  • what should the format of our meetings be?
  • round-table status?
  • groups of discussion topics?


  • we have sent a discussion topic for the arch call tomorrow
  • should we clone bugs for release into maintenance branches so the queries based on milestones works?


  • what are the rules of engagement for 3.3.1?
  • we should update map files as we go for 3.3.1 so we don't have to release each week


  • discussions about JAAS contributions in the incubator


  • should we add removal methods?
  • what granularity?
    • only things which have been added programmatically?
    • or any items?
  • what is the use case?
    • consider PDE who when a project is closed in the workspace, they want to remove contributions from that project


  • Andrew trying to cut the dependancy from PDE/Build on Update/Core
  • should look at splitting out the JAR processor code from Update


  • making progress
  • dj working on building provisioning feature and then running the built Eclipse application to generate the metadata

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