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Equinox Minutes - 20070529

May 29, 2007

3.3 RC3

  • resolver
    • Tom looking at a resolver performance regression
    • either 3.3 or 3.3.1. Tom would like to put into 3.3
  • and source
    • Kim is investigating this
  • compiling with optional pre-reqs
    • not for 3.3
  • s390 source
    • small change needs to be done
  • linux/motif crashes in certain cases
    • SWT is looking into it
  • harmony vm
    • just started looking at it
    • not for 3.3
  • permgen
    • certain configurations of command-line args don't work if the numbers are too big
    • Oleg to investigate
    • might have to change the defaults in the eclipse.ini
    • pascal to experiment with europa
      • Results with Europa RC1: 97M of perm gen used after all views and perspectives have been opened. Nothing interesting done. After the creation of a few projects (ejb, reporting, java, static web tools and a few others) I reached 143M, and I have not opened any editor (maybe except java). Therefore we can not reduce it to 128M. I'm tempted to leave it to 256M as it is now.
    • need to test machines with different amounts of memory as well
  • doc
    • the build next Friday is RC4 and is the last scheduled build for 3.3
    • if things are slowing down for RC3 then we need to hit the doc now
  • pde/build fixes for 3.3
    • one message related bug
    • adding to the state multiple times
    • generated build.xml - plugins already fixed, need to make same change to feature
    • finding features from platform.xml - need to decide if this is really for 3.3
  • constants
    • the os/arch constants in the Platform class are outdated
    • we don't have os versions, do we need them?


  • registry and singleton bundles
  • dynamic
    • we have bundles which say they are dynamic but are lacking in test cases
    • inevitably things get introduced which break people but they aren't caught
  • website
    • we need to update the website with doc, etc

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