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Equinox Minutes - 20070515

May 15, 2007


  • fragment for ui ide
  • should it be on the workbench?
  • should be it a stand-alone bundle?
  • do we really need preference pages?
  • almost done - prefs work left
  • for RC1? still need to create fragment project, etc.


  • trying to ID a sun vm
    • patch only works on windows
    • added launcher permgen arg that it sends to the vm if applicable
  • trailing slash bug fix will be released

Source Bundles

  • some changes left in PDE/Build
  • need to integrate with Orbit build


  • launcher changes go in
  • permgen dialog delayed to 3.3.1
  • update the ini with the splash arg
  • bug w.r.t. help setting a system property

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