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Equinox Minutes - 20070508

May 8, 2007

3.3 status

  • RC1 is next week
  • Solaris 9 work is going well.
  • PDE/Build needs to brand the DLL
    • But if the icon is in the DLL then that means we can't have multiple products sharing the same DLL. This is a problem.
    • Should try not to require branding be in the DLL.
    • Should try and remove all branding from the DLL and look in the executable.
  • Misc launcher bugs
  • Orbit source builds
    • We have an Ant task which will generate a source feature
    • We have a list of recommended changes for bundle structure
    • Need to send note to mailing list to get feedback
    • Need to get story available for RC1 for the bundles consumed by the Platform.
  • Andrew having problems with handles when he does a synchronize
  • A couple of Platform/Resources fixes for RC1.
  • Not everyone has commit rights on the doc projects. We believe this is an over-sight. John to investigate.
  • Working on doc on Jetty use.
  • Investigation into PermGen space problems.

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