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Equinox Minutes - 20070501

May 1, 2007

Feature Patches

  • Currently when you install a feature patch it looks like it doesn't uninstall the old bundles. This can put you in a scenario where you can have multiple versions of fragments attached to the host.

3.3 M7 Status

  • john has entered some bug reports surrounding leaks
  • problem with the eclipsec.exe because it is looking for eclipsec.ini. Should we make it look for eclipse.ini if one doesn't exist? If we include an eclipsec.ini should we have certain defaults in that?
  • the eclipsec.exe isn't branded. should it be? this is PDE work and there isn't time for it for 3.3
  • the launcher doesn't work on Solaris 9
  • pde/build - need to look at source generation
  • lots of talk surrounding delivering of source


  • apparently the permgen space listed when running with attached debug tools is not consistent so it makes it difficult

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