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Equinox Minutes - 20070424

April 24, 2007


  • taking a hit because of jar signing
  • do we want to implement our own URL class loader?
  • still looking at removing -dev bin from 3.2
  • lots of yellow tests
  • one content type bug outstanding


  • looking ok


  • tom to release the jar'd directory bug fix
  • runtime needs triage because of bugs moved from platform/ide


  • platform is consuming a lot of bundles now

Launcher - console

  • need to make a second console
  • - this gets run before the exe on the command line
  • how does this get delivered?
  • root file?
  • do we need to brand this?
  • needs to be added to the README
  • is this included in RCP apps?
  • does this mean we need to add another flag in the tooling?
  • does this effect people with scripts?
  • is adding a new root file a change in API/require PMC approval
  • need to ensure we have bug reports for everything

Launcher - db chars

  • need to investigate
  • bug is that there are db chars in the workspace path

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