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Equinox Minutes - 20070403

April 3, 2007


  • we are going through all our bugs trying to get the inbox in a good state
  • also are working on marking the target milestones so we can ensure that nothing major gets missed for 3.3
  • progress is being made
  • still a bit of work to be done before everything is sorted

Feature work

  • osgi console in running instance - not for 3.3
  • jar processor - andrew to prepare note for pmc
  • perhaps some jar processor related items in pde/build
  • how to display to the user that bundles are unresolved

Polish bugs

  • the polish team is collecting a list of items for 3.3
  • dj collecting the list and will send to martin this afternoon


  • use the vm info file?
  • since its getting worse from release to release, is there any work the performance team can do to help?
  • run with jconsole to get more info on what is in perm gen space


  • jar signing
  • startup tests...are they slow due to signing?
  • seem to be up and down though
  • need to do some performance tests with/without jar signing
  • the test framework was changed to use the exe...when was that? actually they support the exe but by default use the jar


  • the launchers aren't in the equinox downloads
  • need to add the exes and launcher jars to the downloads
  • do we need a click-through for the equinox sdk downloads?
  • or should we make it so it runs with -noexit and -console
  • we don't have an exe in the sdk zip


  • andrew to work on this
  • creating new folders, etc

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