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Equinox Minutes - 20070327

March 27, 2007

Conference Summary

Jeff was at The Server Side conference in Las Vegas last week and will let us know how the trip went.

  • Gave 2 talks, one on OSGi and one on RCP


A performance dynamic team will be constructed this milestone. We need to review where we are w.r.t. performance.

  • Some of the ui tests spiked on Jan 10 as well as when the new presentation was turned on.
  • UIStartup test is red but might be due to ui changes
  • Why aren't the core startup tests red? Should be slower with signing now.
  • Some of our tests are very spikey.
  • Headless startup spiked up on Nov 7 and then back down on Feb 21.


What is the replacement for Plugin.getLog().log(IStatus) or Platform.getLog()for people who want to get off core.runtime? Should there be an API equivalent of RuntimeLog that we have currently in equinox.common? For many bundles, the logging story needs to work both within a running OSGi instance and in standalone applications.

  • No new story for 3.3.
  • For now still need to acquire the log service.
  • Code exists in a couple of places but will just copy it for now.

End of game

We are now entering M7. We are closing down. Who is going to go through all the open bugs to see if anything major slipped?

  • mark real bugs as ASSIGNED
  • if it should be done in 3.3, target it for 3.3 M7
  • nothing will be marked as 3.4 since we don't know what the requirements are for that release yet
  • full bug triage done by next Tuesday, April 3
  • launcher bugs should be moved to Equinox/Framework
  • be fairly aggressive about bugs which are not reproducible or we have no intention to fix/implement
  • don't hesitate to change the summary to make it more meaningful
  • Equinox/Framework - Tom
  • Equinox/Bundles - Tom/DJ
  • PDE/Build - Andrew
  • Platform/Runtime - DJ
  • Platform/Resources - John

New Features

We have passed 3.3 M6 (the API freeze) and now are into the 3.3 M7 cycle. If we plan on doing any new feature work we must clear this with the PMC first. We should discuss any potential new features that we want to include for 3.3.

  • JarProcessor
    • not signing already signed thing
    • unsigning things
    • PDE/Build should use this at some point
    • Investigate Andrew being able to commit updates to the JarProcessor code
    • Perhaps move the source to a new source folder in update.core.
  • PDE/Build
    • JNLP-related bugs
    • some bugs have contributed patches that we would like to release

s390/s390x Ports for the Launchers

There is an IBM team who wants to do a port of the launchers. See bug 178905 and bug 171518. What should we do for commit rights so they can check in the binaries?

  • With core.resources we had separate top-level projects for the fragments and other groups had commit rights to those projects.
  • Other people would be committing binaries. (executable and library)
  • How often would these be updated? Only when the source changes presumably.
  • Are we going to start shipping a s390 SDK download? no
  • We will do this.
  • Try to add as sub-folders of the executable project. If that doesn't work then create 2 new projects.
  • Equinox committers should also have write access to these new dirs.
  • Will have to create 2 new users.
  • Talk to the foundation to get things done.


  • JDT is using a code coverage tool, we should do the same.

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