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Equinox/p2/Test Coverage

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This page tracks test coverage history for the p2 component. Test coverage is computed using Eclemma.

Milestone Tests Class% Block%
3.5 M1 280  ?  ?
3.5 M2 322 48% 37%
3.5 M3 628 68% 48%
3.5 M4 810 71% 53%
3.5 M5 1113 73% 55%
3.5 M6 1297  ?  ?
3.5 M7 1542  ?  ?
  • The count of tests is taken from the milestone build itself. Coverage data is captured around the end of the milestone week, which may include coverage from tests written during the milestone week but not actually run in the milestone build.
  • Note we have two tests suites, one for the startup reconciler and the other for the simpleconfigurator that we currently do not include in the coverage data because these tests run in a separate session. Therefore actual coverage is higher than reported above.

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